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Q.1 A freight train left Delhi for Mumbai at an average speed of 40 km/hr.Two hours latert an express train left Delhi for Mumbai,following the freight train on a parralel track at an average speed of 60km/hr.How far from Delhi would the express train meet the freight train?(upsc prelims 2017)

240 km  480 km  260 km  120 km

Q.2 There is a milk sample with 50% water in it.If 1/3rd of this milk is added to equal amount of pure milk,then water in the new mixture will fall down to(upsc prelims 2017)

25% 30%  35%  40%

Q.3 Examine the following statements :

1.All colours are pleasant.

2.Some colours are pleasant.

3.No colour is pleasant.

4.Some colours are not pleasant.

Given that statement 4 is true,What can be definitely concluded?(upsc prelims 2017)

1 and 2 are true.  1 is false.  2 is false.  1 is true.

Q.4 P works thrice as fast as Q,whereas P and Q together can work four times as fast as R.If P,Q and R together work on a job,in what ratio should they share the earnings?(upsc prelims 2017)

3:1:1  3:2:4  4:3:4  3:1:4

Q.5 Four tests-Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics and Biology are to be conducted on four consequtive days,not necessarily in the same orde.The Physics test is held before the test which is conducted after Biology.Chemistry is conducted exactly after two tests are held.Which is the last test held?(upsc prelims 2017)

Mathematics  Biology  Physics  Chemistry

Q.6 The outer surface of a 4 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm cube is painted completely in red.It is sliced parallel to the faces to yield sixty four 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm small cubes.How many small cubes do not have painted faces?(upsc prelims 2017)

24  16  8  36

Q.7 In a certain code,'256' means 'red colour chalk','589' means 'green colour flower' and '254' means 'white colour chalk'.The digit in the code that indicates 'white' is(upsc prelims 2017)

2  4  5  8

Q.8 A bag contains 20 balls.8 balls are green, 7 are white and 5 are red.What is the minimum number of balls that must be picked up from the bag blindfolded (without replacing any of it) to be assured of picking at least one ball of each colour?(upsc prelims 2017)

17  16  13  11

Q.9 There are thirteen 2-digit consecutive odd numbers.If 39 is the mean of the first five such numbers,then what is the mean of all the thirteen numbers?(upsc prelims 2017)

47  49  51  45

Q.10 Gopal bought a cell phone and sold it to Ram at 10% profit. Then Ram wanted to sell it back to Gopal at 10% loss. What will be Gopal's position if he agreed?(upsc prelims 2017)

Neither loss nor gain  Loss 1%  Gain 1%  Gain 0.5%

Q.11 Consider the following:

A+B means A is the son of B.

A-B means A is the wife of B.

What does the expression P+R-Q mean?(upsc prelims 2017)

Q is the son of P.  Q is the wife of P.  Q is the father of P.  None of the above

Q.12 15 students failed in a class of 52.After removing the names of failed students, a merit order list has been prepared in which the position of Ramesh is 22nd from the top.What is the position from the bottom?(upsc prelims 2017)

18th  17th  16th  15th

Q.13 A clock strikes once at 1 o'clock,twice at 2 o'clock and thrice at 3 o'clock, and so on.If it takes 12 seconds to strike at 5 o'clock,what is the time taken by it to strike at 10 o'clock?(upsc prelims 2017)

20 seconds  24 seconds  28 seconds  30 seconds

Consider the given information and answer the two items that follow.

No supporters of 'party X',who knew z and supported his campaign strategy,adreed for the alliance with 'party Y';but some of them had friends in 'party Y'.

Q.14 With reference to the above information,which one among the following statement must be true?(upsc prelims 2017)

Some supporters of party Y did not agree for the alliance with the party X.  There is atleast one supporter of party Y who knew some supporters of party X as a friend.  No supporters of party X supported Z's campaign strategy.  No supporters of party X knew Z.

Q.15 With reference to the above information,which consider the following statement :(upsc prelims 2017)

1. Some supporters of 'party X' knew Z

2. some supporters of 'party X',who opposed Z's campaign strategy,knew Z.

3. No supporters of 'party X' supported Z's campaign strategy.

1 only  2 and 3 only  3 only.  1, 2 and 3

Q.16 Suppose the average weight of 9 persons is 50 kg.The average weight of the first 5 persons is 45 kg,whereas the average weight of the last 5 persons is 55kg.Then the weight of the 5th person will be(upsc prelims 2017)

45 kg  47.5 kg  50 kg  52.5 kg

Q.17 In a free country, the man who reaches the position of leader is usually one of outstanding character and ability.Moreover,it is usually possible to forsee that he will reach such a position,since early in life one can see his qualities of character.But this is not always true in case of dictator;often he reaches his position of power through chance,very often through the unhappy state of his country.The passage seems to suggest that(upsc prelims 2017)

a leader foresees his future position  a leader is chosen only by a free country  a leader must see that his country is free from despair  despair in a country sometimes leads to dictatorship

Consider the given information and answer the three items that follow

A,B,C,D,E,F and G are Lecturers from different cities-Hyderabad, Delhi, Shillong, Kanpur, Chennai, Mumbai and Srignagar (not necessearily in the same order) who participated in a conference.Each of them is specialized in a different subject, viz., Economics,Commerce,History,Sociology,Geography,Mathematics ans statistics(not necessarily in the same order.Further

1. Lecturer from kanpur is specialized in Geography.

2.Lecturer D is from shillong

3.Lecturer C from Delhi is specialized in Sociology

4. Lecturer B is specialized in neither History nor Mathematics

5. Lecturer A who is specialized in Economics does not belong to Hyderabad

6. Lecturer f who is specialized in commerce belongs to Srinagar

7.Lecturer G who is specialized in Statistics belongs to Chennai

Q.18 Who is specialized in Geography?(upsc prelims 2017)

B  D  E  Cannot be determined as data are inadequate

Q.19 To which city does the Lecturer specialized in Economics belong?(upsc prelims 2017)

Hyderabad  Mumbai  Neither Hyderabad nor Mumbai  Cannot be determined as data are inadequate

Q.20 Who of the following belongs to Hyderabad?(upsc prelims 2017)

B  E  Neither B nor E  Cannot be determined as data are inadequate